New Direction, No Map
Saturday, May 23, 2009 at 7:16PM
Jane Quigley in admin, exposition, for fun and/or profit

Yep - just what you were looking for - another blog. From me. And it's not like I'm posting so much on my other blogs that I need a new place to share.

This one is different - this is mostly for me.

I'm going through a ton of changes in my life right now - mostly good, some strange, others...meh, and also getting a lot of great opportunities. Which is really, really exciting and has also set me off in a creative space that I haven't been for a long time. So I had a few ideas for some interesting personal projects and thought I'd mix them in with some of the more exciting opportunities to come my way. All documented here when I feel like it.

No promises. No promises on finishing what I'm starting. No promises in sharing final versions. No promises.

This is for me (and hopefully, for fun).

BTW - New Direction, No Map also has been inspired (in part, but A LOT!) by Melissa Pierce and her "Life in Perpetual Beta" project - which is really incredible and you should (RIGHT NOW!) go, watch as much as you can and contribute. She's pretty amazing and I think had a ton to do with me being able to play like this. Thanks Melissa.


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