I love my life and my work and believe that simplicity = elegance.
Currently, I'm the Relationship Director for crayon, the Conversational Marketing Agency led by Joseph Jaffe. New Direction, No Map is for playing with some personal projects.

My Digital Past Where I've Worked
  • Zeta Interactive: I was the VP of Emerging Technologies, led client strategy and execution, both internally and for our clients.
  • DigitalGrit: Prior to the acquisition that became Zeta, I was the Senior Director for DigitalGrit, a leading search marketing agency voted one of the Best Places to Work in NJ (2007). I was hired to run the NYC office.
  • Posner Advertising: a full service agency in NYC, that focuses on Real Estate. I ran the Interactive Division.
Things I Enjoy What makes me happy
  • My sister, my niece, my nephew, my friends.
  • Trying new things - just had my first surfing lesson - LOVED it!
  • Technology: Gadgets - My latest is my Kindle, which I never thought I'd like because I like the tactile feel of an actual book. I was wrong - and I'm reading much more.
  • Technology: Apple - I'm not ashamed to say it: I'm an Apple fangirl. My current setup is a 15" MBP, a 3G iPhone and a 5G iPod (shortly to be upgraded). I'm looking to get a 17" MBP soon with maxed out memory for video work.
  • Technology: Services - I'm a 37signals satisfied customer (Basecamp, Backpack, Highrise, Campfire). I have my own accounts and we also use them all at crayon. I also use Zoho Office when I can over MS. crayon is a virtual office environment - I really enjoy the freedom of it.
  • Travel - I lived for a number of years in London and love to travel. Not just abroad - I like finding new places in the US to explore. Who knew I'd like the country?
  • Emerging Trends - Jaffe often calls me bleeding edge, I just get bored ;)
  • Hoboken, NJ - I love my home.
  • Good online writing - my favorites are Daring Fireball, Signal vs. Noise, Jason Kottke, Jason Santa Maria (he art directs each post - lovely), Jeffrey Zeldman and Merlin Mann (read Better. Now.)
  • More - a lot more.

Email: jquig99 at gmail dot com